Mainstream?!?! – The Top 3 Most Exceptional Product Management Blogs

There are many blogs about product management. Most of them are quite “mainstream“. But some of them have a exceptional style to blog about product management topics and they are all both: useful and fun to read ;-)

Here go my personal favourites of these “differentproduct management blogs:

I hope you will enjoy these blogs like I do! Definitely a “must-have” in your RSS-feed reader!

Reading is silver, sharing is gold!
  1. David Manchester (4 comments) says:

    I am reading Christopher Cummings’ blog since several months now, it’s true that it’s a great blog. I didn’t know the 2 others! Thanks!

  2. Stewart Rogers (3 comments) says:

    Both and are fairly new but generating a lot of interest on my part. Here is a post I did in January that complements yours…


    Stewart Rogers’s last blog post..Book Review: Blue Ocean Strategy

  3. Stewart Rogers (3 comments) says:

    *sigh* Re-read my comment, hope it was clear that despite both blogs being new I am big fans of both. It sounded odd when I re-read it.

    Stewart Rogers’s last blog post..Book Review: Blue Ocean Strategy

  4. Chris Cummings (2 comments) says:

    Thanks for the mention! It’s an honor to be included with Cranky and Tabita–both definitely useful and fun to read.

    Chris Cummings’s last blog post..Today’s Product Management Haiku

  5. Thomas (9 comments) says:

    @Stewart Rogers – I like your list! I will add the Tyner Blain blog to my feeds list …discovering pm-blogs is a never-ending task ;-)

    @Chris Cummings – Since this post is about “exeptional” blogs with “different” style, there must be your blog included, there is absolutely no doubt! ;-)

  6. Stewart Rogers (3 comments) says:

    I try to keep my blogroll up to date ( and Alltop ( is a decent source too.


    Stewart Rogers’s last blog post..Book Review: World Wide Rave

  7. Tabita (2 comments) says:

    I’m thrilled to be included in your list with these two fine PM blogs. Cranky PM is one of the first PM blogs I stumbled across (love it!) and PM Meets Pop Culture is definitely one of my faves. IMHO, the more PM blogs out there, the better, so we can all learn from each other. It’s a tough profession and I know I need all the support and tips I can get. Thanks!

    Tabita’s last blog post..Need a Break? Head to the Woods!

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