Still Support IE6? Really?!?

Well, it is not the first time this question got asked, but still many people struggle with the question Should I still support IE6 !?! Every webdesigner that has ever tried to develop a cutting edge website that still works with the old Internet Explorer 6 knows: The development of IE6 compatible designs is a pain in the ass!

Facebook has its opinion about IE6...

Facebook has its opinion about IE6...

But the times have changed! The percentage of IE6 users decreases constantly and it is just a matter of time until it will disappear. In the end the cost of IE6 compatibility might be higher than the pity of serving IE6 users a sub-optimal page.

very funny: IE6 funeral :-D

very funny: IE6 funeral :-D

I would like to get your opinion about this! For sure you have something to say about Internet Explorer 6, since its non-conformity to web-standards made it a very “special” browser.

Please participate in this poll and share your opinion with the web product management world and invite everybody you know that works in the web business to participate!

Many thanks :-) I will publish the results in a future post!

Do you think IE6 support is still necessary?

  • No IE6 support on my sites & No flowers for the IE6 funeral! (70%, 33 Votes)

  • No! IE6 is dead for me and I consider sending flowers to the IE6 funeral (51%, 24 Votes)

  • I try to have an IE6 compatible website, but only if it is not too painful! (26%, 12 Votes)

  • I can still see a pretty significant percentage of IE6 users on my page - IE6 compatibility is absolutely necessary for my business! (21%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 47

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Thank you very much for participating! Your vote counts! If you want to make sure not to miss the results I recommend subscribing to the RSS or Email Updates! Feel free to add a comment related to IE6 compatibility.

Reading is silver, sharing is gold!

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