Project Management with the opensource tool GanttProject

Gantt charts are a good way to visualize project plans. To prepare Gantt charts in a quick and easy way you will need the help of specialized tools. (please do not even think about using Powerpoint or Excel for bigger Gantt charts :-) ) My favourite tool for smaller and mid-size project plans is the free software GanttProject:

the gantt charts will look like this in GanttProject

the gantt charts will look like this in GanttProject

My favourite features:

  • you can easily manage dependencies between tasks.
  • the appearance of the chart can be adjusted in many ways and you can decide which information should appear in the visualized project plan and which not.
  • there is a separate resources view and you can easily assign the resources to the task.
  • adjusting the timings of the whole project tasks is very simple – change one tasks time-frame and all depending tasks get adjusted automatically.
  • export functions to PDF, CSV, HTML, PNG images and last not least: MS Project format!

What I suggest to improve:

  • the export to PNG should allow to select the parts I want to have displayed. Sometimes I just do not need the whole plan and go back to do classic screenshots instead.
  • would be cool: alerts if I do adjustments that are against the previously set earliest and latest starting dates for tasks.

All-in-All a cool and useful project management tool that is easy to use! Which project management tools do you use?

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