The IE6 survey results

Some time ago I started a IE6 survey to figure out how many people still care about this prehistoric microsoft browser. The outcome is pretty clear! Most webproductblog readers think that it is no longer necessary to support Microsoft´s old Internet Explorer 6.

ie6crap-smallThe participants of the IE6 survey had the option to choose between the following 4 Answers for the question:

Do you think IE6 support is still necessary?”

And this is the outcome:

  1. No IE6 support on my sites & No flowers for the IE6 funeral! (43.0%, 20 Votes)
  2. No! IE6 is dead for me and I consider sending flowers to the IE6 funeral (28.0%, 13 Votes)
  3. I can still see a pretty significant percentage of IE6 users on my page – IE6 compatibility is absolutely necessary for my business! (15.0%, 7 Votes)
  4. I try to have an IE6 compatible website, but only if it is not too painful! (15.0%, 7 Votes)

Do I still care about IE 6? Not really… Well, it depends on how big the IE 6 user percentage of the website is. And this can be very different for each site! If I look into my Analytics, basically two factors seem to influence this:

  1. Geekyness” of the website – the less geeky your website topic the more IE 6 users you can expect
  2. location of your target market – Emerging markets have a bigger IE 6 user percentage than industrialized countries

So I guess that all the voters for “I can still see a pretty significant percentage of IE6 users on my page” are webmasters of a non-geeky websites. I just can´t imagine an iphone-blog with 15% of IE6 users 😀

Anyway: No more posts about IE6! Soon nobody will think about this browser-dinosaur anymore. Even Microsoft-guys want to “destroy” IE6 now!

Reading is silver, sharing is gold!

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