Google Chrome vs. Mozilla Firefox – The Browser Duel

There is a browser that gets more and more market shares: the Google Chrome Browser! And even fellow Firefox fans (like myself) are starting to use Google Chrome recently. But why?
Let´s start with the advantages of both browsers.

Things that I really like in Google Chrome:

  • It is really fast: loading new pages or opening a chrome browser window is definitely fast.
  • It is still fast even after adding dozens of Chrome Extensions!
  • The Google Chrome User Interface is very simple and not polluted with unnecessary features that you don´t use regularly
Cool minimalistic Chrome User Interface: Everything that you need in a very small space: Tabs, back buttons, refresh button, URL field and Extension Icons on the right.

Cool minimalistic Chrome User Interface: Everything that you need in a very small space: Tabs, back buttons, Refresh Button, URL field and Extension Icons on the right.

Things that I like in Firefox:

  • Firefox still has the biggest variety of useful Firefox Plugins
  • Since Firefox is together with Internet Explorer the most popular browser, all the webdesigners test their sites in Firefox – and you can be pretty much sure that every website works fine while browsing through the web
  • It is an open-source browser

Reasons why I will no longer use Firefox as my primary browser:

  • The more plugins you add to Firefox, the slower it tends to be – that doesn´t happen in Chrome. Since I want to have many plugins and there are now also quite a bit of cool Chrome Plugins, I better go with Google Chrome.
  • The way how extensions are implemented in Google´s minimalistic UI is much cooler. No more toolbars-crap that polluted the Firefox user interface.

Reasons that prevent me from fully switching to the Google Chrome Browser:

  • There are some Firefox plugins I can´t live without that are (not yet) available for Google Chrome like for example Selenium IDE for QA testing or Firebug (the Chrome version of Firebug Lite didn´t really convince me so far)
  • Google Chrome is not yet on everybody´s “browsers-to-test” list => from time to time you can see smaller design bugs while browsing through the web

google-chrome-windows-7In the end I couldn´t fully switch to Chrome due to some plugins that I just need for work, but for the everyday use I now prefer Chrome, because of the good speed performance and the convincing user interface.

BTW: I skipped comparing Google Chrome with Internet Explorer, because I just assume that no web developers, webdesigners and web product managers seriously use Internet Explorer for the following reasons: (Ok, for browser testing purposes it makes sense to watch your sites through IE eyes from time to time)

  • I don´t personally now people working in the internet industry that personally prefer Internet Explorer
  • If I look into Google Analytics, I can only see a very small percentage of around 15% IE users

If you don´t agree with that and know a good argument to use IE, please let me know and write a comment below!

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  1. Great post! Totally agree with you, Chrome is fast and efficient.. but don’t think I’m quite ready to leave Firefox yet thanks to the big range of plug-ins. I know it’s a bit silly but quite like FF’s ‘personas’ as I’m a big fan of customizing and adding your own little touches to browsing :)

    IE,,, let’s not even go there :)

    btw which are your favourite FF plug ins?

  2. Hello from Bulgaria ! Here most of young people use Firefox too. Chrome is not so popular yet. From the reviews and comments about Chrome, i left with good impressions and would probably try it on my PC (but keep the good old FF).

  3. Chrome is neat, clean, and functional. FF is extremely useful, but can slow down on slower machines if used to its full potential. IE is good for people who are basically PC n00bs and don’t know how to use anything else properly. IE is also good for n00bs because it is a very safe and secure browser to use day to day so no one has to worry about identity theft and fraud from improper internet browser usage.

    All of this is my opinion of course, but I think I am considerably accurate.

  4. I don’t know….I mean Chrome it’s pretty good. It’s nice and all, however Firefox it’s still number one. Every version that it comes gets better and better.

  5. I just recently switched from Firefox to Google Chrome because Firefox was becoming to slow and frustrating to deal with. I can safely say after using Google Chrome alone for almost two months now that it is great! Like you mentioned, it does not slow down because i add plugs but stays effeciet and fast. I can truly say that i am satisfied.

  6. Okay, all I did is download both of them.Since google crome is faster and all, but when you go to images and want to set wallpaper on desktop and right click it isn’t there… Thats the reason why I use mozilla.For back up and to right click and set wallpapers on my desktop… and I got plenty of space on my computer btw 😀

  7. 1.) The minimalistic design of chrome is completely irrelevant because pressing F11 in Firefox or Internet Explorer yield the same results (better, in my opinion).

    2.) Google anything is to invasive. Do some research im not going to spell it out for you.

    3.) Nine times out of ten, internet explorer or firefox have become slow due to user error. Most people on the internet don’t even understand their web browser enough to keep it in good health.

    4.) I’ve heard Chrome is a resource hog on low-end machines.

    5.) Did I mention anything Google related is invasive ?

    Personally I’m a firefox fan, just because it seems more functional to me than internet explorer. Chrome however hasn’t impressed me. The only reason it has impressed anyone is because of the “minimalistic design”. Learn to use F11 in firefox and internet explorer folks. Same thing.

    Lern2internet scrubs.

  8. I like firefox better because I am used to it already, even though chrome is faster than firefox in some features.

  9. You are using a wordpress blog. I suggest you to use visual editor on posts and try to resize image with chrome and you will see the difference.

    For me as a wordpress user FF is best

  10. The best reason for changing is that IE has stopped supporting Windows XP and XP 64 bit operating systems. IE 9 is exclusively designed for VIsta and Windows 7. Personally, I love XP. It is easy to use and isn’t over burdened by the many and unnecessary bells and whistles that Microsoft has jammed into the two newer products. Why can’t Microsoft create an operating system that will troubleshoot and repair any software related problems? Why can’t they include anti-virus and firewall protection? Instead of giving me a bunch of crap that I don’t need, how about providing the tools to make and keep my PC runing at 100% all of the time?

    2.Remember your password.
    4.Tells you what’s unsafe websites and safe websites.
    5.Neat and clean.

    And there is reasons why fox Mozilla is bad

  12. I know Chrome is faster than firefox. When I click Chrome it opens in a sec but firefox takes 4 – 6 secs to open. But I don’t know why still I love Firefox and giving so many useful options than chrome. Also some pages not loading properly in Chrome especially payment transaction pages is failing in Chrome but not in firefox. So Anyday Anytime Firefox will live in my PC even a browser comes faster than mozilla.

  13. Google Chrome uses way too many resources and slows computer right down. Won’t use it.

  14. I don’t think that I would switch to Chrome, even though it has all the features that is mentioned about. I still don’t know if it is customizable to the level FF is (I am talking about the ‘about:config’ stuff). Still it would be good to see improvements in the awesome bar, besides (psst I DON’T TRUST GOOGLE!!!!)

  15. Google Chrome is smart, clear, safe than Firefox and it gives best support in loading Google base web sites.
    Firefox is best browser for computers including low hardware capacity.

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