50 Product Managers In Twitter That Are Worth A Follow

Twitter can be a good source of information… if you follow the right people! I think the best thing you can do in Twitter is following other people that have the same job like you! That way you can always stay up-to-date in web product management! I have also created a twitter account for this blog, you can find it here.
Why do I think you should follow these people in Twitter? I think so, because they:

  1. all have experience as product managers => you can learn from them.
  2. they twitter mainly about product management topics => you will not have to read too many offtopic-tweets

Product Managers in Twitter:

  1. Stewart Rogers | tweet StewartRogers
  2. Prdct Mgmt – JP Fozo | tweet productmanagers
  3. Cranky Product Mgr | tweet crankypm
  4. The Productologist | tweet productologist
  5. Jeff Lash | tweet jefflash
  6. Derek Morrison | tweet allaboutproduct
  7. gopalshenoy | tweet gopalshenoy
  8. Andy Packard | tweet andypack
  9. Alistair Croll | tweet acroll
  10. Mark Keane | tweet Kaonix
  11. Jesse Burkunk | tweet jburkunk
  12. Nathan Chosson | tweet natcparis
  13. Vinodh Nandakumar | tweet vinodhn
  14. Vincent Hoogsteder | tweet vhoogsteder
  15. Joseph Miller | tweet jos3ph
  16. Ravi Shankar | tweet theravishankar
  17. Lester Hein | tweet stereo_type
  18. Mark Norman | tweet nzmark
  19. Sachendra Yadav | tweet sachendra
  20. Cuneyt Uysal | tweet cuneytuysal
  21. holgerd | tweet holgerd
  22. Justin Gibbs | tweet justin_gibbs
  23. Tim Jang | tweet timjang
  24. Steven Loi | tweet StevenLoi
  25. beejaymorgan | tweet beejaymorgan
  26. Lena Lindstrom |tweet lenalindstrom12
  27. AgileArtem | tweet AgileArtem
  28. Doug Winnie | tweet sfdesigner
  29. drjimanderson | tweet drjimanderson
  30. Steve Johnson | tweet sjohnson717
  31. Adam Bullied |tweet adambullied
  32. Guy Kawasaki | tweet guykawasaki
  33. David Douek | tweet ProductManagerc
  34. Yadong Liu | tweet yadongliu
  35. Sarah Martin | tweet leminade
  36. chadalderson | tweet chadalderson
  37. Mark Blair | tweet markblair
  38. Al | tweet imusicmash
  39. Hakan Kilic | tweet HakanKilic
  40. Christopher Cummings | tweet chriscummings01
  41. matt klein | tweet matt_klein
  42. John Lai | tweet john1lai
  43. Scott Sehlhorst | tweet sehlhorst
  44. Robin Zaragoza | tweet BstnMelody
  45. Nick Smith | tweet nickwsmith
  46. Priscilla Scala | tweet SHHHE
  47. Siddharth Chaudhary | tweet siddharthc
  48. Karin Becker | tweet karbeck
  49. donfuxx | tweet donfuxx Yey! that´s me 😉
  50. [one twitter account has been removed due to inactivity]

Do you know more Product managers in Twitter? Please let me know and leave a comment!
See also the List of Top Designers in Twitter on Mashable blog!

1st Update: 15 more Product Managers in Twitter!

  1. Tabita Green | follow tabitag
  2. Amit Ayre | follow amitayre
  3. Steve Blank | follow sgblank
  4. April Dunford | follow aprildunford
  5. Eric Ries | follow ericries
  6. Yama | follow jyamasaki
  7. OnProductManagement | follow onpm
  8. Rebecca Poulton | follow rebeccapoulton
  9. Roger L. Cauvin | follow rcauvin
  10. Deepesh Banerji | follow deepeshbanerji
  11. TomGrantForr | follow TomGrantForr
  12. Tim Grace | follow tmgrace
  13. Jim Holland | follow Jim_Holland
  14. Jeremy Wright | follow jeremyswright
  15. Aseem Dokania | follow aseemdokania

2nd Update: 33 more Product Managers in Twitter!

  1. Peter Hanschke | phanschke
  2. Lisa Gardelle | lisagardelle
  3. Steven Haines | Steven_Haines
  4. lorifraleigh | lorifraleigh
  5. jidoctor | jidoctor
  6. Patrick Galig | pgalig
  7. Bob Corrigan | bobcorrigan
  8. lukehohmann | lukehohmann
  9. barbaragnelson | barbaragnelson
  10. Paul Young (webhorn) | ptyoung
  11. Julie Anne Reda | pdxreda
  12. Michael Ray Hopkin | michaelrhopkin
  13. Grace Hu-Morley | gracehm
  14. Harry Yang | harryhy
  15. artpetty | artpetty
  16. Rich Mironov | RichMironov
  17. Alyssa Dver | NoTimeMarketing
  18. Alain Breillatt | alain7
  19. Scott Gilbert | AgileProductMgr
  20. Nicole Reineke | NicoleReineke
  21. Mike Smart | Mike_Smart
  22. The Launch Doctor | LaunchDoctor
  23. I S Dee | isdscuba
  24. John Peltier, M.S. | johnpeltier
  25. Todd Stratton | toddstratton
  26. CarlKnibbs | CarlKnibbs
  27. Amber Overholser | PolkGulchHaiku
  28. Lars Trieloff | trieloff
  29. Alen Zukich | AlenZukich
  30. Aidan Brewer | breweraj
  31. Michael W Miller | MayimSasson
  32. D. Philip Haine | dphaine
  33. [one twitter account has been removed due to inactivity]

3rd Update:

  1. Peter Scharnel | scharnell
  2. Jason Miceli | jasonmiceli
  3. Michael Valiant | MichaelValiant
  4. Ulf Waschbusch | ulfw
  5. Sally Out Loud | SallyOutLoud
  6. pm0409 | pm0409

4th Update:

  1. Liz Love | lizzielove
  2. Ko Matsuo | komatsuo
  3. Zachary Finer | zacharyfiner
  4. MattShandera | MattShandera
  5. Harvey Andruss | harvA
  6. Len Lipkin | L3N
  7. Joni Hoadley | jonihoadley
  8. Dan Broerman | DanBroerman
  9. Lisa Crymes | lisacrymes
  10. Adam Zarlengo | adamzarlengo

5th Update:

  1. Neeraj | neeraj
  2. Chris Dyer | ChrisDyer
  3. Noa Adamsky | Noa_Adamsky
  4. Todd Landry | todd_landry
  5. Stephane Kasriel | skasriel

6th Update:

  1. Kevin O’Malley | kjomalley
  2. Karthikeyan R ♛ | ramnathk
  3. techprodo | techprodo

You are a PM that is active on Twitter and want to get added to this list?

Just use the tweet button that you see above and tweet to @donfuxx and I will add you to the list for the next update! I have in mind to update this list every month at least once.

Reading is silver, sharing is gold!


  1. I’m another Product Manager who is very active on Twitter. I’ll admit I cover several other topics as well, but if you follow, you can easily filter on #prodmgmt to avoid the non-Product Management tweets. (My other topics are social business, microfinance and smart energy).

    I’m a co-instigator of the #aopm hashtag, which we’ve been using to track discussions on Anthropology in Product Management. We are also exploring this topic in getter detail in the LinkedIn group “PM Anthropology CoP” at http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1877884

  2. This is a great resource – thanks. I am very curious how you went about determining the Top 50 Product Managers list on Twitter.

  3. I’m a product manager on Twitter! You might run across off-topic tweets from time to time if you follow me, though. I like Texas BBQ, cycling, and I network with my process automation market on Twitter.

  4. Any pointers on tweetters/blogs not specific to Web e.g like telecom? Is anybody opinionated on the problems one can expect with transitioning between these two PM jobs?

  5. Nice list, glad i ran into it. I’m a product manager too, working with yahoo right now. ( twitter: @ramnathk )

  6. Please add @ProdMgmtTalk and @CindyFSolomon to the list!

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