5 Tips For A More Relaxed (And More Productive!) PM Workday

Yes, the PM workdays can be hard sometimes: Somehow the Product Manager is involved in everything and the danger to become more a “Firefighter” than a Product Manager is high! (And in the work contract it says “Product Manager” not “Firefighter“, doesn´t it?) Anyway, whenever you have the feeling that the release cycles get shorter and shorter while the to-do-list gets longer and longer, you should try the following:

  1. Take a nap!

    One of the coolest things I learnt in Spain is to take a daily nap in the lunch break! It definitely helps a lot to relax. 30 minutes are enough! It is even scientifically documented that a Siesta” is healthy!

  2. Go jogging in the morning

    …or in the evening if you are not so much into getting up early. My Favourite: Jump into the sea during the run for the ultimate recreation effect!

  3. Switch off instant messenger and Email notifications from time to time

    Yes, I am serious! Nobody expects from you that you are always available and they understand that you have to focus on other tasks from time to time. If a task needs your full concentration, better switch the instant messenger off and you will be more productive!

  4. Say “No” the right way

    PMs that always say “Yes” will sooner or later get into trouble, so saying “No” the right way becomes an essential skill for Product Managers. A good way to say “No” that almost always works is to refer to tasks with higher priority that need to get done for this release cycle. You can find more useful tips how to say “No” in Carl Knibbs post.

  5. Work outside the office

    Try to organize your tasks in that way that you can work one or two days outside from the office. This should help to stay focussed and produce quality work. See here also Tabita Greens post about Product Focus.

I hope I could help to make your day more relaxed and productive! What are your favourite ways to fight the stress?

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  1. Nice list, but I personally prefer going to a restaurant over lunch and to a bar after the office :) That way I am more relaxed and thus more productive. (when I didn’t go to a club the night before)

  2. 1. Breathing (proper stomach breathing)
    2. Calming tea. Sounds a bit hippyish I know but nice soothing tea does calm those nerves.
    3. Silly distractions :) A dose of cuteoverload.com, awkwardfamilyphotos.com etc will instantly destress you by making you smile and thus relax.
    4. Walk – avoid sitting in front of the computer for too long. Whether it’s to chat to a colleague, go to the kitchen or how about a non-cigarette cigarette break outside, walking will do wonders.
    5. Declutter – I’ve been told it works but have yet not mastered the skil
    .-= Lena´s last blog ..When a product isn’t as successful as you’d hoped =-.

  3. Thanks for the mention! I like work outside the office, I don’t do it enough. A change can bring fresh perspective and generally remove the distractions you can easily create for yourself in the office.
    .-= Carl´s last blog ..9 ways to say I love you… =-.

  4. The tip about turning off email and other distractions is a great one!

    I also like to step away for 5 mins to make a tea because you can get a bit of perspective on what’s important for the day.

    Sometimes a routine can be useful too – I find that the morning is good for planning/corresponding and the afternoons are good for meetings…
    .-= Verity´s last blog ..Archives Shortcode =-.

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