5 Online Crash Courses For New Web Product Managers

Working as a Product Manager in the internet world is a very interdisciplinary challenge. So it is not a big surprise that many career changers from other departments come to Web Product Management. For the case you are one of them and got overwhelmed with your new responsibilities: Don´t worry, there are a couple of good guides for Product Managers out there in the web. Some good ones you will find here:

  1. Ten Tips For New Product Managers

    The following presentation could actually be called “the Ten commandments” for Product Managers. Many essential tips presented in an easy understandable way:

  2. Ten Traits Of Good Product Managers

    This one is more about the personality development for Product Managers:

  3. Designing and Optimizing the DNA of a Killer App

    Best practices in applying metrics to optimizing your product. It is including the audio-recording of Dan Olsen at the Startonomics Conference in San Francisco, October 2, 2008:

  4. Good to Great: Achieving Product Excellence in Web 2.0

    This one goes more into User Experience design. With audio recording of Dan Olsen at the Web 2.0 Expo NYC on September 18, 2008:

  5. Experience Is The Product

    Actually the title already says everything! Turn your loud speakers on and enjoy:

Which presentation did you like most? Do you know more good presentations about product management? Please let me know and leave a comment!

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  1. Great post – and excellent site! It’s being bookmarked as we speak, so to say.

    Have done a quick skim through the five presentations and like them all, will go through them properly tonight.

    Fav so far? Presentation 1 “Ten Tips For New Product Managers” especially the quote
    “Spend more time with customers than with colleagues”. So important to user test. Whether you’re running an in-house user group session or popping down the street with some print out and mocks – you always learn something. Throughout my career as a product manager I’ve never felt that a user test was not valuable – on the contrary. Very valuable advice indeed.

    Lena’s last blog post..Am I worth a follow?

  2. Thank you for your feedback!

    @Lena: Yes, I agree! User tests are never wasted time and you should always try to get as close to user´s ideals as possible.

    @Josh: Yep, it´s a nice one 😉

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