3 Awesome Presentations About Agile Product Management

Effective Web Product Management needs to be agile! That can actually be quite hard in practice, but don´t worry the following three presentations will be a useful resource for agile product development teams:

  1. Agile2009 Product Manager – Product Owner Dilemma

    The Art of Product Management

    The Art of Product Management

    The excellent presentation of Rich Mironov – the author of the interesting Product Management Book The Art of Product Management: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Innovator* – brings light into the Product Manager´s Dilemma.

    The Slides have many illustrations that help to understand the complex responsibilities of the PM in the company´s organization.

    Just click below in the image to play the presentation or use the arrow buttons to move back/forward.


    The Agenda of: Agile2009 Product Manager – Product Owner Dilemma

    1. Context, scope, terminology
      – Development-only or inbound/outbound cross-functional?
      – Product strategy vs. vision vs. backlog
      – “business value” vs. quarterly revenue goal
    2. Why talk about product managers and product owners?
    3. What does a product manager do?
      – Or.. what do I mean when I say “product manager”?
    4. How does this map to product owners?
    5. Recommendations
  2. Early Stage Web Product Management by Dan Olsen

    Dan Olsen highlights Web Product Management from a Start-up´s perspective. Especially I liked his points about Optimisation with Web Metrics:

    The Agenda of: Early Stage Web Product Management by Dan Olsen

    1. Understanding customer needs
    2. Prioritizing, scoping and maximizing ROI on engineering resources
    3. UI design
    4. Usability testing
    5. Using metrics for optimization
  3. Strategic Role – Product Management

    Steve Johnson from the Pragmatic Marketing Blog explains the strategic part of Product Management and clarifies common misconceptions about Marketing, PR and Product Management:

    The Agenda of: Strategic Role – Product Management

    1. Who Needs Product Management?
    2. What is Marketing Anyway?
    3. Where Does Product Management Belong in the Organization?
    4. The Product Management Triad
    5. Roles and Titles
    6. Product Management in an Agile World
    7. Final Thoughts…
    8. Learn More About the Strategic Role of Product Management

    I hope these slides are that helpful for you, like they have been for me! Please let me know about your opinion and leave a comment.

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