11 Very Useful Firefox Plugins For Web Product Managers And Web Designers

A good argument to use the Firefox Browser is the huge amount of useful Plugins and Add-ons. Of course the Download is for free and some of them can really make the daily job of a Web Product Manager easier. Here are my favourites:

  1. Webdeveloper

    Webdeveloper toolbar

    Webdeveloper toolbar

    This Plugin offers you a lot of options to manipulate any website. Especially the disable cookies and disable styles functions are useful for testing. With disabling/enabling Cookies you can save a lot of time compared to deleting cookies all the time. Another nice option: Disable CSS and images and see your page how search engines see it!
    Download Webdeveloper

  2. Firebug

    Very powerful tool! Allows you to quickly inspect and analyze the HTML code of specific parts of a website. It is not only useful for analyzing problems “bugs” of a website, it also helps you to prepare preview design drafts. Changing colors, font-styles, texts, etc. are very easy to do. Download Firebug

  3. FireShot

    This Firefox plugin allows you to quickly make and edit screenshots of webpages. Of course very useful for bug reports, but try Fireshot together with Firebug for website-change-proposals. With some practice you will be able to do a lot of “magic” with this. Download FireShot

  4. ColorZilla

    With this simple plugin you can analyze the colors of websites. Download ColorZilla

  5. Firesizer

    Another simple Firefox tool that makes it possible to switch to common browser screen resolutions. Useful if you use floating designs and want to check how users with small screens see your page. Download Firesizer

  6. FireFTP

    A very easy to use FTP tool! It is simply no longer necessary to run separate FTP clients on your computer with this. Download FireFTP

  7. LinkChecker

    This one helps you to avoid broken links on your page! Broken links are not only bad for the user experience, search engines do not like this very much, too. Download LinkChecker

  8. MeasureIt

    Simply measure the size of an element in your page. Download MeasureIt

  9. SeoQuake

    This powerful Plugin will answer your SEO questions, like for example PageRank, Keyword density and much more. One tip: whenever you don´t need to analyze this SEO factors you should switch it off. Download SeoQuake

  10. Selenium IDE

    This Firefox Plugin allows you to record and replay every action you do with your Browser. This can save you a lot of time if you need to test something. Download Selenium IDE

  11. Stumbleupon

    Stumbleupon is just a great source of inspiration! If you are looking for some cool ideas you should try stumbling. Download stumbleupon and subscribe to my stumbleupon profile

Which Firefox tools do you use?


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One comment

  1. Hi

    Great selection of add ons!
    I created a list about a month ago;


    I use these;
    *Tamper data – use it daily at work. Excellent for checking tracking URLs.
    *Selenium – yep agree it’s really important when you work for a publisher site.
    *Mozilla personas – spices up my browser.
    *Twitter fox – tweet updates every 15 minutes, very handy
    *Firebug – handy for checking errors and when designers come over to my desk to check stuff

    Really useful list that you’ve created, always interesting to see what others use to get some inspiration. I’ll check out Linkchecker straight away. Thanks!

    Lena’s last blog post..Is social media helping you professionally?

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