10 Blog Posts That Web Product Managers Should Read!

This blog post gives an overview about some good articles about web product management related topics. Since this is the first post on this blog it helps you getting an idea about which topics the following blog posts will be about.

  1. The Seven Deadly Sins Of Product Planning

    There are many different ways of Product Planning with individual advantages and disadvantages. But some things you will have to avoid…

  2. Great Products By Design

    No matter how “fancy” your product ideas are: Do not forget to identify the minimum possible product!

  3. Do Not Be Afraid To Remove Features

    …you should be more afraid to waste your time for useless stuff!

  4. Ask Dumb Questions

    Asking “dumb” questions does not mean that you are retarded and in case of doubth it is always better than the alternative.

  5. Two Questions Product Managers Must Always Ask

    If you don´t do this, you will be in danger to loose the focus and waste your time and resources.

  6. How To Build A Killer App

    Without solving identified problems, it will very likely not become a Killer.

  7. Banner Blindness

    When was the last time you intensively read a blinking advertisement banner?

  8. Top Ten Mistakes In Web Design

    Some classic “Shouldn´t Do” Issues in User Experience Design.

  9. 30 Usability Issues To Be Aware Of

    Sometimes small things can increase the Usability a lot.

  10. Baby Duck Syndrome

    An a bit funny phenomenon: Like baby ducks that just follow the first animal they see after they slipped, Internet Users seem to evalute new websites by comparing it with the first similar websites they have ever seen.

Sure, there are a lot of other interesting blog posts. Feel free to add them as comments.

Reading is silver, sharing is gold!

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