Watch out for the World Cup Effect in your Google Anaytics!

Whether you are a soccer fan or not: You may have noticed that there is the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa! Twitter already had to struggle with a huge traffic due to soccer fans tweeting like crazy about recent matches and the Vuvuzela trumpets – But what impact will have the Soccer World Cup for your site´s traffic?

soccer & web analytics

soccer & web analytics

If your business model is not directly related with soccer and your target markets are in countries that participate in the World Championship you will very likely see traffic drops during the important soccer matches.

To quickly measure this you can do a hourly traffic analysis with your Google analytics.

With just 6 simple steps you are able to figure out how the FIFA World Cup affected your websites traffic:

  1. Open the top right calendar view in Google Analytics and select the day of the soccer match: worldcup-analytics-graph-by
  2. Select the “compare to past” checkbox and then select the day a week before the match (you should use the day a week before to clear out weekly traffic cyles) worldcup-analytics-compare
  3. Open the Visits view in the “Visitors” folder of Google Analytics.
  4. In the Visits view of Google Analytics you can go to an hourly view. Just select at the top right of the visits graph the left “hourly” icon of the “graph by” selection
  5. Assuming your site has a stable (and not too little) traffic, you should see the blue and green line more or less at the same level for each hour. Now check the hours of the soccer game and you might see a nice traffic hole here.
  6. You can also mouse-over the graph the get the exact traffic per hour and the percentages of increase/decrease

The Vuvuzela *erm* Soccer World Cup can have really big impact on the behavior of people especially in soccer crazy countries like Brazil. See the illustrations of dead streets in Brazil during the Brazil vs. North Corea match! Any doubts that the soccer world cup affects your traffic? Let me know and use the contact form below for your arguments.

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