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Website Speed – Crucial for User Experience & SEO

Posted in User Experience Design on January 19th, 2010 by Thomas Fuchs-Martin – 2 Comments

Discussions and articles about user experience are usually focused on user interface design, usability etc. That is for sure very important, but the best user interface is worth nothing if your page speed performance is very poor!

firebug screenshot

Firebug Screenshot - Web users are buzy and impatient and every millisecond counts. Well, unfortunately the big search engines don´t have unlimited time to spend while crawling your page, too.

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The 15 Worst User Experience Design Mistakes Ever

Posted in User Experience Design on August 25th, 2009 by Thomas Fuchs-Martin – 7 Comments

It is just strange that there are still so many pages with horrible webdesign online. Well, at least it inspired me to publish a list of my “favourite” (or better said: “most annoying”) user experience nightmares. Please also check the references to other webdesign-experienced bloggers that have a similar point of view: read more »

User Experience Design vs. Usability vs. User Interface Design

Posted in User Experience Design on May 14th, 2009 by Thomas Fuchs-Martin – 1 Comment

Web Product Managers hear pretty often the following terms during their daily business: User Experience Design, User Interface Design and last not least: Usability. Unfortunately the use of these terms is sometimes a little bit messy and can lead to confusion or even misunderstandings. But no need to worry, at the blog of Whitney Hess I found a cool presentation that frames out the most common misconceptions about user experience design: read more »

Basic User Stream Analysis With Advanced Segments In Google Analytics

Posted in Web Analytics on May 4th, 2009 by Thomas Fuchs-Martin – Be the first to comment

Advanced Segments are very useful for comparing different user streams and illustrating them with graphs. You can find a good explanation how you can create this segments with Google Analytics at the official Google Analytics Blog. The following questions you should always answer in your traffic stream analysis: read more »

5 Online Crash Courses For New Web Product Managers

Posted in Web Product Management on April 24th, 2009 by Thomas Fuchs-Martin – 3 Comments

Working as a Product Manager in the internet world is a very interdisciplinary challenge. So it is not a big surprise that many career changers from other departments come to Web Product Management. For the case you are one of them and got overwhelmed with your new responsibilities: Don´t worry, there are a couple of good guides for Product Managers out there in the web. Some good ones you will find here: read more »

10 Blog Posts That Web Product Managers Should Read!

Posted in Web Product Management on April 17th, 2009 by Thomas Fuchs-Martin – 1 Comment

This blog post gives an overview about some good articles about web product management related topics. Since this is the first post on this blog it helps you getting an idea about which topics the following blog posts will be about. read more »