Website Speed – Crucial for User Experience & SEO

Discussions and articles about user experience are usually focused on user interface design, usability etc. That is for sure very important, but the best user interface is worth nothing if your page speed performance is very poor!

firebug screenshot

Firebug Screenshot - Web users are buzy and impatient and every millisecond counts. Well, unfortunately the big search engines don´t have unlimited time to spend while crawling your page, too.

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The Most Popular Quality Assurance Testing Mistakes

You want to upload a bunch of new features and some bug-fixes to your site? Great! You want to avoid nasty side-effects and make sure that it works the same way like it was planned before? …then you will have to do a lot of testing!

Opening new pages with old browsers like IE4 can be fun :-)

Opening new pages with old browsers like IE4 can be fun :-)

Basically this Quality Assurance Phase should take place 2 times:

One time in a test-environment before the deployment to the production server and once again after the new web is live!

To maximize the efficiencies of your testing take care not to do the following mistakes that might lead to wrong observations, unnecessary time-waste or you will end up in overlooking faults:
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3 Awesome Presentations About Agile Product Management

Effective Web Product Management needs to be agile! That can actually be quite hard in practice, but don´t worry the following three presentations will be a useful resource for agile product development teams: Continue reading

11 Very Useful Firefox Plugins For Web Product Managers And Web Designers

A good argument to use the Firefox Browser is the huge amount of useful Plugins and Add-ons. Of course the Download is for free and some of them can really make the daily job of a Web Product Manager easier. Here are my favourites:
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