A Weird Story About Exotic Countries Domain Registration…

The end of the year is always a good time to look back and remember the most special moments of the year. One of this special moments was a strange conversation that I had with a domain registration service.

Email screenshot

Email screenshot

Well, registering a domain is not that spectacular…  but this conversation that I had earlier this year with a domain registration service provider sales dude is just too weird!

In theory it all could have been so easy: I send an Email Here is my data – Wanna domain please and an answer alright, here you go: … …2 Emails and that´s all! Continue reading

Google Visitors Special: Interesting Queries And Answers

It is always very interesting to take a look at the keywords that your visitors used in their Google search to find your website – and not only to analyze the SEO performance of your website. Some keywords actually can tell you quite a lot about what your visitors were really looking for on your site. Continue reading