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Here will get explained all SEOLExA Link Status values that show up in the SEOLExA HTML report:

  1. SEO Link :)

    The desired link was found on the page and there is nothing that prevents the link to pass SEO juice :)

  2. NO Connection

    For some reason there was no connection with the page possible. This can have a couple of different reasons. Most Likely the webserver was down or your internet connection didn´t work. Just try the URL later on or check if you can open the site with your browser. Details why the connection failed you can find in the right “Comments” column! If it says “MalformedURLException” then most likely you just have a typo in the URL. If it says “SSLHandshakeException” then you tried to check a page with “https:” protocol! Links on pages that start with “https” don´t have SEO value, so it is alright that SEOLExA doesn´t check these.

  3. Robots Blocked!

    If you get this message then the page blocks the google-crawler via the robots.txt file or via “nofollow, noindex” meta-tags. See the right “Comments” column in your SEOLExA report for the details! This means google will never index this page and therefore it won´t pass SEO value to your page!

  4. LOW Value!

    There has been found a link with a “nofollow” attribute. This means that this link won´t pass link juice to your page. Note: Google still follows this links sometimes for “discovery purpose”, they just don´t include it in the PageRank calculation. I have called this status “Low Value” since these links are not completely useless, since users actually might click on them if they are prominently positioned at a popular webpage.

  5. Strange Link!

    That shows up for some very weird and rare implementations of links. Let me know if SEOLExA outputs something like this in your reports!

  6. NO Link!

    This status is not that trival as it sounds: There can be a bunch of reasons why there shows up this status:

    • the link simply is not there at all.
    • there is a link to your domain, but not the with the exact URL that you have specified in the seolexainput.txt file (yes, SEOLExA is veeeery picky with that 😉 )
    • links that get re-directed via 301 redirect
    • links that redirect with Javascript “onclick:” or similar ways
    • the link is visible for users, but hidden for bots, because it is inside of an <script>-tag
    • the link is visible for users, but hidden for bots, because it is implemented in an iframe / frameset, flash or similar embedded objects

    For the case that you got one of these special cases of Links with “NO Link” Status, where you can see a link in the browser, please check if it is one of these:

    1. Links inside IFrames / Frameset pages: SEOLExA will not look at content that has been included with <iframe> tags or frameset pages and just show a “No Link” Status. This is a desired behaviour since links inside Iframes do not count as SEO links for the URL that included the Iframe. Technically this links are at a different URL! So if you want to figure out if that link has value, then check the URL of the Frame. SEOLExA will mention in the comments column for if it detected an Iframe and will output the iframe code. Look inside the iframe code for the “src=” attribute and check the page-URL mentioned after the “src=” in your browser and see if your link is actually on this page. Alternatively you can let SEOLExA do the job of checking the link and just add the URL in your input.txt file!
    2. Just a final note: You might have some links with an “onclick:” attribute showing up with “SEO Link” status! This is ok, since “onclick:” attribute is usually just used for things like click-tracking or fancy stuff that should happen with the user interface after users click the links. The “evil” redirections with “onclick:” will be caught as “No Link”
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