SEOLExA is a Java Programm that checks a list of link exchanges for SEO value. It reads the textfile where the user listed his link exchanges and outputs an HTML and CSV report

You can download SEOLExA here

or here:

System Requirements: You need a Java Runtime Environment & an internet connection

SEOLExA Screenshot

SEOLExA Screenshot

Getting Started Step-by-Step:

  1. download SEOLExA here
  2. unzip
  3. in the folder open the file seolexainput.txt with any text editor (like notepad etc.)
  4. Here you should see a couple of testlinks listed, you should replace them with the links that you want to test (each line with the site URL and the Link URL to your page, comma-separated)
  5. After you added your links to seolexainput.txt then your file should look more or less like this:

    the site URL where link should be, the link URL to your page,,
    http://…., etc…

  6. Save this file as seolexainput.txt in the same folder (like SEOLExA.jar)
  7. click on SEOLExA.jar – If you have Java installed on your computer SEOLExA should start pretty fast

  8. After SEOLExA has loaded: click on the “Start Link Check” button
  9. wait until the tool has finished the link checking. It will then automatically create and open a HTML report. There you will see the details and the link States


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