5 Tips For A More Relaxed (And More Productive!) PM Workday

Yes, the PM workdays can be hard sometimes: Somehow the Product Manager is involved in everything and the danger to become more a “Firefighter” than a Product Manager is high! (And in the work contract it says “Product Manager” not “Firefighter“, doesn´t it?) Anyway, whenever you have the feeling that the release cycles get shorter and shorter while the to-do-list gets longer and longer, you should try the following: Continue reading

111+ Web Analytics Tweeter You Must Follow

Twitter is a really powerful tool to get in touch with other internet people. In the last time I was looking for web analytics experts in Twitter and found an excellent resource at the Blog of Rich Page. Even more interesting people I found while doing searches in Twitter and Google. Please let me know If I missed somebody in this list and tweet me. I want to keep this list up to date and I will update it from time to time.

Web Analytics Experts in Twitter:

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Pageviews vs. Visits vs. Visitors

In my opinion it happens too often that these important web analytics terms get mixed up or misunderstood. Sometimes even people that work in the internet industry seem to get confused. Whenever you have doubts if your conversation partner understood these terms right, you should better explain these differences again! See below the official definitions, where i have marked the parts with [!] that are in my experience most often misunderstood. Continue reading

Project Management with the opensource tool GanttProject

Gantt charts are a good way to visualize project plans. To prepare Gantt charts in a quick and easy way you will need the help of specialized tools. (please do not even think about using Powerpoint or Excel for bigger Gantt charts :-) ) My favourite tool for smaller and mid-size project plans is the free software GanttProject:

the gantt charts will look like this in GanttProject

the gantt charts will look like this in GanttProject

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7 Reasons Why Good Product Managers Must Be On Twitter

icon by Mysitemyway Design

Icon by Mysitemyway

For some reason people from all over the world are using Twitter like crazy at the moment. Well, actually it is not really surprising, because you can do a lot of cool things with it.  In this post I list and explain my reasons why I use Twitter and why I think every good Product Manager should do so as well: Continue reading

User Experience Design vs. Usability vs. User Interface Design

Web Product Managers hear pretty often the following terms during their daily business: User Experience Design, User Interface Design and last not least: Usability. Unfortunately the use of these terms is sometimes a little bit messy and can lead to confusion or even misunderstandings. But no need to worry, at the blog of Whitney Hess I found a cool presentation that frames out the most common misconceptions about user experience design: Continue reading

Broken Link Analysis With The Free Tool Xenu Link Sleuth

There are no broken links on your web page? Sure? If your web project is bigger than a couple of pages you will need the help of an automatic link checker tool to answer this question. If you do not check the links regularly and there are too many broken links you risk that:

  • the usability will be bad, because users just waste their time with clicking on the broken links
  • the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) suffers, because the search engine crawlers might waste their (limited!) time with following these links.

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Basic User Stream Analysis With Advanced Segments In Google Analytics

Advanced Segments are very useful for comparing different user streams and illustrating them with graphs. You can find a good explanation how you can create this segments with Google Analytics at the official Google Analytics Blog. The following questions you should always answer in your traffic stream analysis: Continue reading

11 Very Useful Firefox Plugins For Web Product Managers And Web Designers

A good argument to use the Firefox Browser is the huge amount of useful Plugins and Add-ons. Of course the Download is for free and some of them can really make the daily job of a Web Product Manager easier. Here are my favourites:
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50 Product Managers In Twitter That Are Worth A Follow

Twitter can be a good source of information… if you follow the right people! I think the best thing you can do in Twitter is following other people that have the same job like you! That way you can always stay up-to-date in web product management! I have also created a twitter account for this blog, you can find it here.
Why do I think you should follow these people in Twitter? I think so, because they:

  1. all have experience as product managers => you can learn from them.
  2. they twitter mainly about product management topics => you will not have to read too many offtopic-tweets

Product Managers in Twitter:

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5 Online Crash Courses For New Web Product Managers

Working as a Product Manager in the internet world is a very interdisciplinary challenge. So it is not a big surprise that many career changers from other departments come to Web Product Management. For the case you are one of them and got overwhelmed with your new responsibilities: Don´t worry, there are a couple of good guides for Product Managers out there in the web. Some good ones you will find here: Continue reading